Win RBZ skates and a pro fitting session from MiHockey

Around here, we live by one simple motto:

“Hockey never stops.”

It may be the middle of summer. It might read 100 degrees on your dashboard. It might be too hot out for you walk barefoot on the pavement.

But it’s never too hot for hockey.

We know you’re still all wrapped up in the game, just like we are. That’s why we’re teaming up with CCM to hook you up with some new wheels (though we’re leaving it up to you to find a sheet of ice to use ’em on).

We’re giving a pair of the brand-new CCM RBZ skates. And even better, if you win, a pro rep from CCM – you know, the guys that size and fit the pros – will get you all fitted and ready to roll.

How do you win, you say? It’s pretty simple. Send us a photo or a video of how you’re staying connected to hockey this summer. It can be a picture of you playing street hockey, an Instagram video of you at sticks and pucks, or a snapshot of you playing NHL ’13 in a heavily air-conditioned basement. We’re really asking for any hockey photos or videos you can come up with. And you can enter as many times as you want – you just have to use the #MiSummerHKY hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (yep, hashtags even work on Facebook now).

MiHockey will announce a winner on July 31, so keep the contest entries coming in through the next two weeks!

We’ll be assembling all the media you send us into a gallery on, and publish some of them in MiHockeyMag, too, so even if you don’t win, you still might see your stuff in print.

It’s all part of CCM’s launch of their RBZ skate and RBZ Stage 2 stick. Oh yeah, and if you want a chance for even more free stuff, all you have to do is check out the new RBZ skates at Perani’s Hockey World or Total Hockey. Trying on a pair of the #FreakishlyFit skates will get you new soakers, and if you take the skates for a spin, you’ll get a rally towel, too. Click here for more details.